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As an AiSociety ™ Accredited Member, Graham has been trained in advanced valuation practices, and earned the titles of “AiS™ AISociety Accredited International Member Valuer", and “AiV™ Accredited International Valuer.” We offer a wide variety of Valuation and Valuation Related Services, e.g., Identification, Authentication, Grading, etc., across many specialty areas.

While Graham is specialized in Gems and Jewelry, our high-level access to the most qualified valuers in the world allow us to collaborate and serve any moveable personal property discipline such as:

  • Gems & Jewelry
  • Household Contents
  • Fine & Decorative Arts
  • Antiques & Collectables
  • Machinery & Equipment

The AISociety™ AIStandard is a Global Valuation Standard™ applicable to all jurisdictions, types of appraisal and valuation assignments, specialty areas and markets.

Graham can provide fundamental consumer assignments such as:

  • Pre-Sale Confirmations
  • Pre-Purchase Confirmations
  • Post-Purchase Confirmations
  • Insurance Indemnification and/or Replacement Values & Cost Estimates (for Consumer Insurance)
  • Estate Sale Appraisals
  • Consumer Sale Appraisals

As well as more advanced and specialized assignments such as:

  • Customs Re-Entry/Authentication
  • Barter and Exchange
  • Insurance Damage and Loss Claims and Replacement Confirmation
  • Divorce valuation
  • Family Planning (Valuation and Distribution)
  • Estate Probate
  • Collateral Loans (personal and corporate)
  • Bankruptcy and Corporate Liquidations

In addition to Valuation assignments, our team can perform a wide variety of Valuation related services, such as:

  • Gem ID
  • Gem Grading
  • Diamond Grading
  • Diamond Plotting

Appraisals & Valuations performed and provided by Graham are done in accordance with The AiCode of Ethical Conduct & AIStandards of Practice™[AiCode]

Appointments for Valuation, and Valuation Related Services are recommended.

The above information and content is based on ©1982-2019 AIS Protected Intellectual Property With All Rights Reserved to the AISociety ™ Appraisers International Society ™ AIS. None of the material, information or content of this page may be copied or reproduced, in whole or in any part without the express written consent of the AISociety

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