Oct 01, 2019



Welcome to From the Vault! We are a small, family owned and operated jewelry store in the Saint Matthews neighborhood in Louisville Kentucky. We offer a wide variety of Gems and Jewelry related services, and I hope that through this blog series you will be able to see just what we can do....

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Jan 27, 2020


Different Types of Custom Work

As we enter the new year, I’d like to take some time to talk about one of the major things we do here at the store, which is custom work! This can mean a lot of different things and can look very different depending on what your needs are. For us, there are four types of custom wo...

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July 02, 2020


Summertime Jewelry Care

As we enjoy the great outdoors this summer, here are a few considerations for keeping your jewels safe and sparkly.

  • NEVER wear your jewelry in a swimming pool. The chlorine can pit the metal and....

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